Maxence Raballand


fullstack developer,
web3 engineer,
passionate programmer,
art amateur,
space enthusiast.


I am passionate about new technologies and have a strong desire to learn. I am particularly interested in front-end and back-end development as a way to build products from scratch. I also have a strong interest in Web3 and finance.




Mangrove is programmable DeX. This means that you can create an offer on a order book writing a contract. This allows for many use cases, including sourcing the token you sell from other protocol or even your wallet only when the offer is taken.

Ownest Staking


Ownest is a web3 company whose first activity was tracking professional deliveries using public blockchains for security and reduce infrastructure costs while keeping reliability. Now Ownest co-owns a Polygon staking node, and builds a web3 wallet based on phone numbers for NFTs.

Stake DAO

Stake DAO

Stake DAO is a yield farming protocol. It has become very useful lately with the liquid lockers that creates a wrapper around veTokens so they become liquid, while keeping voting power. They also mutualise boosts for strategies, allow you to sell your votes (bribes), and more...



Blackpool is quantitative NFT management fund. It aims to invest in the market in the hope of getting good returns as well as playing games such as Sorare with highly skilled managers to be profitable on this side as well.



2018 - 2023
Paris, La Défense

This engineering school in Paris teached me the basics of algorithms, mathematics, physics, and many soft skills thanks to great teachers. I was also an active member of campus life and member of the school's lab (DaVinci Research Center)


New York

This is a business school in the center of wall street where I was taught finance. This experience was very enriching as well as a great opportunity to grow my network


I discovered that self teaching was the best way for me to discover new passions, and the only way I could create what I want. It has been a great contribution to my knowledge on DeFi, finance, and programming above all.